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What to Know Before You Go

Travel Documents

A couple of weeks prior to your holiday, you will receive your TrafficTravel packet with your travel documents and literature. These documents are valuable and contain a wealth of advice and essential information to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. Please read them carefully before your departure.


Passports and Visas

You will require a passport valid for six months beyond the conclusion of your trip, with appropriate visas. CITIZENS OF EU COUNTRIES, ISRAEL, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN can enter in Georgia without visas.  You must contact your travel agent or applicable government authorities to get the necessary documentation. It is the sole responsibility of each guest to have a valid passport and necessary visas, as well as to comply with entry, health or other requirements of the countries visited.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must have! It is imperative that you takeout a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers you the entire time you are away from home. Your policy should cover the following: Trip cancellation or curtailment, loss or damage to property and baggage, Loss of cash, traveller’s cheques, etc. Medical costs and personal accident on’t forget to pack a copy of your policy, contact phone numbers and instructions on how to claim in the unlikely event that it is necessary.


Airport Transfers

All TrafficTravel guests receive complimentary arrival and departure transfers! 



When travelling as a couple, pack each suitcase with day and evening clothing for each person, so that in the unlikely event one of your suitcases is mislaid on your flight, you’ll still be able to manage. Ensure that your personal and holiday details are written on a label inside each suitcase (including name, address,telephone number, departure and return flight details). Write only your name and destination address on outside labels. Make sure that your luggage is in good secure conditions. When carrying fragile items, use a rigid style suitcase for protection. Check-in only your own suitcases. Do not carry items packedby other people. Never accept packages or articles from anyone unknown to you to carry on board the aircraft.There are strict airport security regulations on items that may be carried on board aircraft such as liquids/gels and metal objects. Please consult your airline or travel agent regarding these and other restricted items and how they must be displayed at airport security checkpoints. We suggest you pack only essential items for daytime usein your hand-baggage, both for your flight and while on the coach. For example, your camera, medicines, anythingthat you use frequently or is particularly valuable. Expensive jewellery, clothing, etc. should be left at home for your peace of mind.


What to Bring

This will depend upon your personal preferences, where you are travelling to and the time of the year you are travelling. We generally recommend casual, lightweight, drip-dryclothing that requires little or no ironing. Laundry facilitiesare available at most of the places we stay, however, take sufficient clothing to last for about a week. Below is a list ofitems to consider packing for your holiday: Clothing, Swimsuit, Undergarments, Sandals, Socks, Hat, Sleepwear, Shorts/skirts Jeans/trousers, Warm jacket, Pullover/cardigan, Warm jacket,  Pullover/cardigan, Waterproof jacket, Shirts/blouses, Good walking shoes. General Items: Spare batteries/charger, Camera/memory cards, Medications, Power plug adapters/converter& prescriptions, Toiletries, Collapsible umbrella, Insect repellent, Sunscreen,Travel sewing kit, Pocket calculator, Plastic bags, Travel alarm clock, Water bottle, Sunglasses(screw top lid), Sachets of Money, belt or holsterwashing powder, Essentials: Passport (& Visas) Travel insurance policy, Airline tickets, Credit cards/pre-loaded currency cards, Do not pack your passport or money in your suitcase. Tip: Weed out your wallet prior to leaving. Only take the essential identifiers like your drivers license and just twocredit cards - one to carry, another to be locked in your hotelroom safe.  



If you are on a regular medication or there are medicines that particularly suit you, we recommend that you bring an adequate supply for your entire trip. Identical brands may not be available elsewhere, but also bring a copy of your prescription. For easy access when travelling, please keep all your medication in your hand luggage, not in your suitcases. Carry prescription drugs in their original package to avoid customs questions. We respectfully suggest older passengers and those suffering from any existing medical conditions should have a thorough check-up with their doctor prior to departure. If you wear eyeglasses, you may wish to bring an extra pair or set of contact lenses in your carry-on luggage. If you have any existing medical conditions, dietary requirements or disability that should be brought to our attention, it is essential that you inform us beforehand. Medical attention can be very expensive outside your own country, so be sure to take out adequate insurance.



Traffic Travel  itineraries include many features that will save you money on your trip – if you study your itinerary pages you will see how many highlight visits and other sightseeing is included, as well as meals and entertainment. For personal items such as souvenirs, gifts, taxi fares, laundry and gratuities, we suggest you allow around $10 per day.



Official currency in Georgia is Georgian Lari (GEL), 1USD equals to 1.95GEL, 1EUR equals to 2.25GEL as of February 2014. There are many exchange points all around Georgia, network of ATM's are presented basically everywhere.


It is also possible at some banks and ATMs to withdraw cash with your credit card, though this may incur fees/interest payments – check with your bank before departure. It is a good idea to deposit sufficient funds into your accounts prior to departure and then use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access them. Check with your bank card company regarding possible ATM availability. Even if you areplanning to use your credit card, you may also like to arrange a Prepaid Currency card before you leave home. These are available in Euros, Pounds Sterling and other major currencies and allow you to pre-load any amount you wish. They can be used at ATMs as well as in shops and restaurants across Georgia.


Please note that we don't recommend the use of traveller's cheques as these are increasingly difficult to change and often incur fees. Dollars and Euros are accepted in Banks and Bureau de Change - but not in shops, restaurants, bars, etc. Traffic Travel accepts Dollar and Euro currency.


Credit Cards

If you have a credit card, we strongly recommend tha tyou bring it with you, since this gives you extra financial flexibility while travelling. The major international creditcards, especially Visa or MasterCard, are accepted by virtually all restaurants, shops and hotels. The bill you sign will be made out in much the same way as at home, except that the tota lwill be in the local currency. This will be converted into yourhome currency by the credit card company and invoiced in the usual way. Here are some further tips on using credit cards while travelling: Check the expiry date of your credit card and the amountof credit available to you (do not forget any credit card purchases made just before you leave). Call your credit card company to advise them you will betravelling, as some companies will block the credit cardwhen they notice unusual charge activity. Ensure you memorise your Personal IdentificationNumber (PIN); do not write it down. Ensure that your credit card is kept in view at all timeswhen paying for goods and services. Ensure that the total amount of your purchase is entered on the sales voucher in the correct currency before yousign it. Retain all copies of sales vouchers until you have verified them against your statements. Insist that all ‘spoiled’ sales vouchers be destroyed in your presence. Make sure your credit card is carried on your person. Never leave your credit card unattended in your hotel room, a vehicle or any other place. Treat your credit card as you would cash. Report immediately the loss or theft of your credit card.



In Georgia, there are two climate zones. Western Georgia is subtropical, thus hot and humid in summer. Easern Georgia is moderately continental. For weather conditions pertinent to your travel timetable, visit these websites:


Your Travel Guide and Vehicle Driver

Throughout your Traffic Travel  guided holiday experrience, you will be accompanied by a professional Guide and experienced Driver. A Traffic Travel Guide ismore than just a guide. They are seasoned and experienced travellers, specially selected for their in-depth knowledgeof the regions you will visit. They will enrich your experience with informative commentary on the history, culture andnatural landscape of the region and reveal the hidden places that only an insider would know. They will also introduce you to your travelling companions and make you feel welcome. Traffic Travel's Staff are fully licensed,qualified and experienced professionals who are selected for their impeccable skills and record.


Your Holiday

Traffic Travel’s philosophy is that it’s your holiday and you should have the freedom to enjoy yourself as you wish. However, a great deal of planning goes into your itinerary to ensure you see all the main sights in the places visited. Traffic Travel ensures you enjoy a full sightseeing experience in all major towns and cities visited on your itinerary. Local sightseeing is conducted by qualified Local Guides who are passioanate and eager to share their vast knowledge and love of the local history and culture. In other places, your Guide will give you a brief orientation drive or walk to familiarise you with the locality, usually on the way to your hotel.


Optional Excursions

Most of your sightseeing activities are included in yourholiday price. However, there is a wide range of other exciting excursions available, both while travelling and in the gateway cities before and after your trip. To assist you with planning your budget, your travel documents will include a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary with full details and costs of the optional excursions available. Someoptional excursions cannot be paid by credit card. Your Guide will advise you accordingly.


Georgia is unique!

Visiting Georgia is a totally new and different experience from life back home. You will find different people, food and customs and a completely different attitude and way of life. While many of its customs may seem a bit strange to a visitor, they are, after all, what makes Georgia unique. So our advice is to keep an open mind and enjoy the unfamiliar.




It is important that you take precautions when travelling anywhere. If hotel security boxes are available then we recommend you use them for all your valuables. Do not leave these items in your hotel room. Prior to leaving home, purchase a shoulder or neck holster or a money belt to carry items such as your passport or extra money – make sure itis not visible under your clothing.  But be informed that Georgia is one of the safest countries in Europe.



We are confident that by the end of your trip you will have come to appreciate the important role your Guide and Coach Driver have played in giving you the best possible holiday experience. If you have been pleased with their services, you may wish to express this satisfaction with a gratuity, as is customary throughout the world. Since this is a matter of a private and individual nature, you should seal your gratuity in an envelope to present to each of them separately at the end of your holiday.



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